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Sara Glaze

About Sara

After spending the last 33 years in the Denver area, Sara is proud to call herself an “almost-native “and loves the Denver area. An avid sports enthusiast, she has been involved in Martial Arts since 1979 and enjoys teaching and training. Cycling is another passion, and she believes there is no better way to enjoy the sights in Colorado than on a bike. Sara carries that same... Read More

"I am physician researcher, and my job has required that I make many moves across the country. Thus, I have worked with many different real estate agents over time. I can say with confidence that Sara is by far the best real estate agent that we've ever worked with. From the beginning, she has gone out of her way to help us make the most informed decision, which most importantly included her frank and honest opinion on everything. We talked about every possible house and scenario, and she rushed to show us every property that piqued our interest. She never made us feel pressured to make a decision. She was also available to me every single time I called, at any hour of the day. After we placed a bid, she meticously went over every detail of the loan process, contigencies, etc. In the end, she had our complete trust. Her attention to details prevented several mishaps, and in fact, the whole process went very smoothly without any surprises or stress. It was truly remarkable, especially in light of prior experiences. I won't go into all the details, but even after our house was purchased, she went well beyond what's expected to help us move into the house. I had never considered writing a letter of Rec for any other real estate agents, but we were very appreciative of Sara. We can't thank her enough. "

-B & J Modena

"Sara has represented our family during three transactions in the last 5 years, once 5 years ago when we purchased a beautiful house for the two of us, then again about six months ago when we needed to sell that beautiful home and purchase larger one for a growing family. Whether buying or selling, she began every interaction with an open and transparent discussion about what we should expect when working with her, then stuck to what was promised and very regularly going above and beyond what was required. Sara has proven herself adept at listening to needs and wants, providing options that could best satisfy needs, as possible. When needed, she is a problem solver, finding compromises for any unexpected occurrences. Sara worked hard, and at times, fought hard for us during every transaction, seemingly around the clock. Her knowledge and experience resulted in contracts that met our needs with service from Sara that exceeded our expectations. We will never need another realtor as long as we are in the Denver area or Sara is willing to travel to meet us. Sara is not only a solid realtor, but has proven to be a phenomenal ally and friend. "

-A&M Ungar

"I met Sara at the gym where we both work out. I approached her several months before we were ready to move to get her insights into the best time to put our condo on the market, and pricing. She came over and checked out our condo, and we discussed options. We were on the same page regarding timing and pricing. Even though we had several months before we planned to move, she stayed in touch with us to make sure everything was still on track. Once we got closer to the move date, she came over again, talked pricing and firmed up everything about the sale. Once we were ready to go on the market, she met with us to collect the keys and review the property one more time. She scheduled the photographer and got the listing up the next day! Within 48 hours, we had multiple offers to review. She organized those offers for us and helped talk us through the decision making process. Did I mention that we were already in a another state? We did all of this by phone or email. She followed up on every detail for the closing, including a last minute hiccup which almost derailed the closing. She attended the closing for us since we were in Texas, and texted us as soon as the deal was done. She was professional through the entire process, but also made it fun. We highly recommend Sara Glaze to anyone who is selling their property. "

-L&M Menard

"We have worked with Sara on the purchase of three properties in the Berkeley area near Regis University. Sara is without a doubt the hardest working real estate agent we have ever worked with! Every time we have contacted Sara regarding a potential property, she has had us scheduled for a walk through the property within 24 hours. She has the unique ability to truly listen to a client’s perspective and to work towards that end, even if it does not result in a quick transaction for her. Too many agents are only concerned with how quickly they can close a transaction. Sara always puts the client first and will stay with the process until her customer finds the property that is right for them. Regardless of the twists and turns that a potential transaction may take, she has the ability to not only respond but to also anticipate potential issues. Sara knows how and what to negotiate to get both parties to close with the best possible terms for her customer. Sara is an incredibly organized and a very effective communicator. She will layout the transaction process and schedule and will ensure that her client understands the process and is aware of any pending deadlines with plenty of lead time. She makes the home buying and selling process as stress free as possible. Just as important to the process is Sara’s honesty – if something comes up that Sara hasn’t dealt with before (which is not much) she will reach out to her peers and run any and every potential issue to ground and get back with her clients to discuss the options. Sara works tirelessly for the interests of her clients and will ensure that any potential issues are resolved prior to closing. On every transaction Sara has established a relationship with the Seller’s Agent that was critical to us acquiring at the right price while creating a win-win situation for the buyer and seller. It is rare to find someone like Sara that understands the value of relationship building with clients and her peers in the real estate community. Over the years we have worked with many real estate agents, in multiple states, and none of them have compared to Sara - She is an extraordinary real estate agent and a pleasure to work with. Anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Denver Metro area should contact Sara to discuss the options available to them in the current market environment, and would be well served to retain Sara to represent their interest in any potential real estate transaction. "

-E&S Zamora


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