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Sara Glaze

About Sara

After spending the last 33 years in the Denver area, Sara is proud to call herself an “almost-native “and loves the Denver area. An avid sports enthusiast, she has been involved in Martial Arts since 1979 and enjoys teaching and training. Cycling is another passion, and she believes there is no better way to enjoy the sights in Colorado than on a bike. Sara carries that same... Read More

"I can't say enough great things about Sara. I had used a different agent for the purchase of my first house in Denver and had moderately good service but wasn't blown away. Therefore,, when we were looking to buy again we were also casually looking for someone new to help us. We ran into Sara coincidentally at an open house and I was immediately drawn to her style. She seemed easy to work with,, candid,, and like she would have our best interests as her first priority. In the months that followed,, she proved that hunch to be completely correct. In addition to those characteristics,, I found her equally skilled at helping me when I had already done a great amount of research and had a list of properties I wanted to see as she was when we hit roadblocks and really needed someone else's expertise and lead. She was always prompt and easy to get in touch with and helped us manage several deadlines when we made a contingent offer and had our first offer declined. Finally,, she is thoughtful and knowledgeable about the trends and market history in Denver,, which I think sets her apart from people who are newer to the business and just capitalizing on our current boom. We have referred her to friends who also made a successful purchase and continue to recommend her very strongly. "

-R. Holmes

"My wife and I relocated to the Denver area in late 2013,, and by early 2014,, we decided that we wanted to purchase a property. We are both rather meticulous by nature,, so we began our search by spending several months going to open houses. After seeing over 30 properties,, and meeting more than 20 agents,, we decided to go with Sara. We met her at two open houses,, and gave us the same positive impression on both occasions: she did not oversell herself (or Kentwood); she had a very calm and interested demeanor; and was very informative. We are so please to have worked with her. Sara demonstrated considerable knowledge on the housing market; made herself very available to answer all our questions; walked us through the entire purchasing process; and exhibited considerable negotiation skills. I would consider us to be fairly demanding / nit-picky clients and we were entirely satisfied. I would gladly recommend Sara as a real estate agent. "

-B. Richardson

"I just wanted to thank you again immensely for all of your help through this entire process. You have been absolutely amazing and we felt so lucky to have found you to help us buy our first home. We both consider you more than just our realtor,, we consider you a friend!"


"I would and have recommended Sara Glaze to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. My last experience with her as my real estate agent was the best I've ever experienced. Sara is warm,, trustworthy,, and highly qualified in her profession. She was very respectful and attentive to my needs as a buyer/seller,, setting appointments,, being consistently punctual,, & at times rearranged her schedule to accommodate me. Sara was transparent throughout the whole process; she explained her contracts for service in detail,, and walked me through every piece of each document we reviewed. She was flawless in keeping track of contractual deadlines. Sara also gave feedback and recommendations where appropriate; I never felt as though I was rushed or without full information when making a decision. She clearly had my best interests in mind as my agent,, and I appreciated her assistance and great recommendations for service providers that assisted with completing my finances,, appraisal and inspections. I felt that I had the best support a buyer/seller could ask for when navigating in the current market. If you're considering Sara as an agent,, you won't go wrong,, and can expect to receive the very best service and support in the real estate business in Colorado."

-Jen M.

"Everybody always wonder how to find the Real Estate Agent who is the best in the area,, who knows more than other agents,, who is more efficient than others. At the end,, to find the Agent who will make your dream possible in the shortest time and with the least amount of troubles. I would say,, Sara Glaze from Kentwood real estate agency happened to be for us that exactly Dream agent who helped us to buy our house in just a few days,, and,, I would say,, against all the odds. We were out-of-state buyers; therefore,, we did not have the luxury of knowing well the area,, knowing the market,, and most importantly,, we did not have extra time that one may have when looking for some time in the area you live. To find the house and get all things done we had just a week,, maximum 10 days; and,, following the rule of the worse things happening at the best time,, the market just exploded a few weeks before our arrival to Denver. Regardless we were mentally prepared to that situation,, the reality was brutal. And here Sara Glaze came to help with amazing efficiency,, expertise,, precision,, and just wonderful personality. She knew exactly what will happen and how to act in each situation we faced. Without her help we could not have our beautiful house in just three days of search. Any question we had she answered immediately,, any document we were looking for she helped us to find very quickly. And how we got under the contract in just a few hours after seeing the house still astonishers us. Sara was just brilliant. I would say,, for us buying our first house in our life,, we had an absolutely easy and trouble-free experience. If you are reading this,, it means you are looking for a real estate agent to work with. Our suggestion to you would be to stop looking no more. You will find the best with Sara Glaze,, and you will never regret working with her. Now Littleton residents,, Evgeny and Irina"

-E. Berdyshev
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